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White Space Collective is an organisation that prides itself on high quality, professional creative content for businesses that want to reach wider audiences and express their core values and ethics through openness and connection with their customers and clients.


Promotional videos have dominated the advertising market for years now. It has almost become a necessity for successful businesses to create promotional material in the form of video to be
used on their social media and website.

Here at White Space Collective we take you through the entire production process, from pre-production planning to post-production editing to craft high end, polished video work to be implemented on a variety of platforms to increase engagement among your audience. Utilising the best in cinema standard equipment to produce stunning 4K video, used in conjunction with top quality audio to give your business the professional appearance it deserves.


A picture says a thousand words, and while it may be true that the camera on your phone can take great quality pictures nowadays, photography is about so much more than just the camera you’re using. We take into consideration key competencies such as lighting, composition, location and editing to make your photos stand out above the rest. We posses an extensive knowledge of photography to create high quality, tailored imagery, coinciding with your brand or campaign’s values.

3D Motion Graphics

Simply put, motion graphics are a way to incorporate graphic design into video production. We are all visual learners to some extent, a motion graphics based video is considered the industry standard form of marketing material if you are explaining an idea or concept to the audience. Additionally, you can incorporate all your brand elements within this production, giving your business a sense of elegance and professionally when combined with high end video production. We bring your design elements to life, creating seamless animations and infographics to support your projects.

Graphic Design

Design creates the world we live in and good design creates connections. As a business, you want consumers to see the company as a friend and create a level of loyalty to that your particular brand. It’s all about building the brand’s image and ensuring their message and vision is in alignment with the pre-identified target market. Once a bond like this Is made it can last a lifetime and even pass though generations. We combine polished visual communication with targeted marketing strategies to build a strong campaign.

Website Design

Did you know there’s over 1.7 billion websites in the world, roughly. By focussing on key competencies such as user experience and interaction we ensure that your site leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Not only is your website the driving force within the modern, digital market, but it must also convey the correct tone of voice to keep customers coming back time and time again. We build polished and professional websites that make you stand out from your competitors.

Creative Consulting

Although we posses a wide variety of eclectic creative skills in our arsenal, it would be futile without utilising the most appropriate plan to ensure our work gets seen by as many people as possible. It can be an overwhelming amount of information to wrap your head around, as with any industry, so if you or your business is in need of a helping hand to come in and guide you through the creative landscape then why not give us a call and book in your free consultation to see how we can work together to supercharge your business and take it to that next level you've always dreamt about.
It's great to meet you!

I'm Ollie!

You’ll likely never see me without a camera in hand! Documenting life is a passion, with my love for the creative process spanning across multimedia and design, allowing me to create a world of possibilities at my fingertips!

our Approach

Work Process


Exploring the problem

In collaboration with you, we begin the process by exploring the problem that you and your business have come up against, once we understand the core problem we can work on finding the appropriate solution.

Finding the solution

Next we work on pinpointing the solution to the pre-identified problem in the previous phase, this is achieved through extensive market research and discovery to establish what is working with your audience in your industry.


Once we have established the appropriate creative business solution, we begin to work our magic creating this solution for you. We hold our work to the highest of standards and will ensure that your project draws attention in the market.


Upon the completion of creating your project, we will deliver it to you on a silver platter with all the trimmings. We want to make sure that you're as happy with the work as we are so we repeat this process until you give us the thumbs up.


Finally, it is time to showcase your new creative solutions to your eagerly awaiting audience. Combined with our project implementation strategy which takes into consideration the best way to show this project to your audience to ensure the most exposure and ROI.

Clients About Us

I have to be honest here, Ollie pulled out all of the stops, he'd done his work on who we are and how we coach clients, and totally understood what it is to be a member of our community. During the photoshoots we were pretty much led by Ollie, and felt comfortable for him to do so. He knows exactly what he's doing, and treated our clients with upmost professionalism, to put them at ease and get some amazing shots! Suffice to say we are now using Ollie on a regular basis and he's working on promo videos for us now. Definitely worth the investment and time.
Kellie Sweeney
Owner of BTB Fitness
We have successfully worked with Ollie over the last 12 months, he is a dedicated creative professional, offering innovative ideas, working to our tight recording deadlines, always with an enthusiastic and passionate approach.  The quality of the videos & photography produced has been excellent, bringing great value to our business market proposition.
Scarlett Allen-horton
Senior Partner at Harper Fox Partners
I’ve worked with Oliver on a couple of projects now. He’s easy to work with, professional, reliable and produced a video and graphics, for our business, beyond our expectations. We were extremely pleased with how both  projects evolved, from the first meeting, to the design, creation and completion. Oliver takes your ideas, develops them and turns them into reality, so I highly recommend his services
Dean Marshall
Founder of Infinity Plus Network
Ollie has helped me to transform my business and enhance my products through his photography, his skills and ideas have been a great asset to my business. Photography and graphic design is not my strong point so I simply tell Ollie what I want and he creates it for me to very high standards.
Philip Tompkins
CEO of Petika
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